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Due to the Covid19 pandemic, YOU PERFORM has not taken place in 2020 as scheduled.

Since autumn 2021 the participants restarted in the project rehearsals and will gather this year in Hamburg.


1–5 JULY

You Perform

YOU PERFORM is a European participatory youth exchange project that engages young people aged 14 to 20 from France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Serbia. It gives them the opportunity to work creatively together on topics they choose themselves. The participants use artistic means of expression – from the field of contemporary performance art, which they can explore throughout the project. 

YOU PERFORM is an initiative by the BHF BANK Foundation in Frankfurt/Germany with the aim of supporting the contemporary arts in the social field. The new format of exchange is developed and organized jointly by the eight collaborating partner theatres from five different countries. They put together their groups of young people who want to prepare performances about topics of their choice. All the groups first meet virtually through digital media, and then live during the Youth Performance Lab YOU PERFORM in HAMBURG in May 2020. Together they will get to know the performances from all the different countries and will work creatively for several days and can stay in touch after their return home. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Vire, France
Budapest, Hungary
Belgrad, Serbia
Frankfurt, Germany
Dresden, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

The organizing partners want to carry out this project against the backdrop of increasing tendencies towards populist simplifications, the new nationalisms as well as xenophobic hostility. They want to establish ties at a time of emerging walls. The goal of YOU PERFORM is to present a wide spectrum of forms and to represent a broad social bandwidth which contributes to the program’s goal of an inclusive society. It also addresses the lack of participation in international exchanges by young people with fewer opportunities or with disabilities. The partners want to give them a voice and to show them that they have their place in the cultural institutions, and that their input is welcome.


YOU PERFORM is based on the working method of a German project that has been in progress for more than ten years: the YOUTH PERFORMANCE COMPETITION UNART.


UNART has existed in Germany since 2007/2008. Its basic concept is the autonomy of young people to choose their own topics and produce a very short performance (15 minutes) with the support of an artistic coach only. More information and performance archive: (in German).


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